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Debt Review

Debt Review Meaning Debt Review is a process in terms of the National Credit Act for over indebted consumers. The purpose of the act is to protect the over indebted consumer against Credit providers. The first step in the process is to get the help from a debt counsellor and we do recommend that you do work with a company that has a NCR number and thus is registered with the NCR.

You will need to provide the debt counselling company with information and documents such as, your ID document and Salary slip. The debt counsellor will then take all the information and determine if you are able to repay your debts monthly or not. Remember to be completely honest and provide all the relevant information as well as expenses.

The debt counsellor will then draw up an income and expense document to determine truly if you are able to repay your debts and give this final numbers to you. If you are not able to repay your debts, the official process of registering for debt counselling will start. There are a few fees involved and remember to make sure with your debt counsellor about these fees.

These include an application fee, a rejecting and restructuring fee, monthly fee and legal fees. The debt counsellor will then inform all your creditors and follow up on the outstanding amounts and well as contact the bureaus to let them know that you are under debt review. If all the creditors are happy with the payment terms, a legal consent will be given, stating that the lower monthly installment terms have been agreed to and cannot be changed later on.

The applicant must then from his/her side comply and stay up to date with the monthly repayments. This is the debt review process in short and if you do feel that you do need the help of a review company to assist you with debt counselling, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our purpose is to provide consumers with Financial Security and Freedom:
  1. Protection in terms of the National Credit Act
  2. Budget planning
  3. Certainty of outstanding debt and balances
  4. Direct negotiations with credit providers by Debt Counsellor
  5. Confidential management of finance
  6. Professional service and knowledge
  7. Financial freedom.

How do I Apply for Debt Review?

Here is a guideline of what you need to do when you want to apply to be under Debt review.

When you receive frequent phone calls from credit providers about outstanding debt because you struggle to keep up with the monthly instalments on the loans, you need to contact us as soon as possible to discuss you options. Do not wait until it is too late and creditors start with litigation against you.


Benefits of Debt Review

There are quite a few benefits debt review provides and since we get asked this question allot, we decided to outline these benefits for you of going under debt review.

1. One Fixed Monthly Payment

The biggest benefit of debt review is that you will only have to pay one fee that will cover all your expenses regarding your creditors. This will mean that since you have less debt to pay, you will have more money available to use on other things, so this will give you more freedom on your monthly expenses.

2. No More Calls from Creditors

Once you are registered for debt review, it will entail that you do not have to deal with any contact from your creditors and the debt counselling company will take control of that for you.

3. No Blacklisting

Another big benefit is that the NCR protects you from being blacklisted. This will immensely benefit you, since blacklisting is another issue that you do not have to deal with.


Latest Testimonials from our Clients

From Feb / March 2019:

When I started the debt review process I contacted a few debt review companies, most of them just wanted me to fill in forms with no real discussion of the process and how it works. When I spoke to Chantal she explained the process from beginning to end and made me feel more at ease, from the way she handled the conversation

I could see that she has her potential clients best interest at heart and now I know that being a client of Second Chance. She always responds to any query I have in a timeous manner and is thorough in her work and works with urgency which is not easy to find these days.

If you are considering debt review then Second Chance is the company for you.


"Second Chance was Profesioneel en daar was terug veering gegee of dit nou telefonies of per e-pos was. Hulle het uit hulle pad uit gegaan om te help en ondersteun waar hulle kon. Ek sal hulle altyd aanbeveel.

Baie baie dankie, julle het 'n slegte ondervinding in 'n positiewe manier hanteer.
Dankie, TB"


Good day,

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Chantal Mans as a star employee. These days customers complain about almost everything and most times forget to praise good service.

Chantal deserves the biggest compliment I hope your company will receive this year! She took my account over from an (excuse the ruggedness) unhelpful, incompetent counsellor who only dealt with me when I made contact. Poor Chantal took over this account with a very unhappy, unsatisfied, discouraged and rude client (that's me).

Chantal has walked this "Debt Review" road with me for some time now, and she surprises me every step of the way.

When I paid off an account, she phones me just to share the excitement…
When she has an idea to reduce debt quicker, she makes contact and we discuss…
When I am worried, she assists…
She provides tips on how to work smart and what to do next…
She puts me first…

Chantal shows respect, integrity, innovation and excellence in her almost-daily dealings with me. The debt review process is not a pleasant road to walk in one's life, but with Chantal by my side, it became a stroll on the beach.

Thank you, Chantal, for showing me that there is still some good out there! I truly hope that you receive all the good that you deserve!

Many Thanks and Warmest Regards,


Dear Chantal, Thank you for your help through the years to help me get debt free.


How to get out of Debt?

In the current economic situation it is not always easy to get out of debt ... or stay out of debt. Salary earners only receive a capped monthly income, no matter how hard they work and cannot really do anything about the increase of costs such as fuel, electricity and interest rates.

Here is some tips that might be able to assist you with your budget:

- You need to draw up a monthly budget with your income and expense. This will provide you with a realistic picture of your current financial situation.


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